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  Cr(VI) MCL =   µg/L           Capital Cost ($M): Lower End   Upper End  
  Target % of MCL in Treated Water =   %   Question 1:       SBA Treatment =  
            The Regenerable Ion-Exchange Process (SBA) may generate a Salt Brine that     WBA Treatment =  
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  Well Capacity =   gpm   this Brine to an onsite sewer without treatment? (Yes/No)              
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  Water Quality Information:         If the answer to Question 1 is "Yes", skip this question and go to Question 3.     WBA Treatment =  
  Raw Water Cr(VI) =   µg/L   If the answer to Question 1 is "No", can you discharge the waste brine to an onsite     RCF Treatment =  
  Raw Water pH =       sewer if the Chromium is removed first from the brine? (Yes/No)            
  Raw Water Alkalinity =   mg/L CaCO3             Total Annualized Cost ($/yr): Lower End   Upper End  
  Raw Water Conductivity =   µS/cm   Question 3:         SBA Treatment =  
  Raw Water Uranium =   µg/L       WBA Treatment =  
  Raw Water Nitrate =   mg/L NO3         RCF Treatment =  
  Raw Water Sulfate =   mg/L   this waste washwater to an onsite sewer without treatment? (Yes/No)            
                      Total Water Cost ($/AF): Lower End   Upper End  
  Capital Financing Terms:         Question 4:         SBA Treatment =  
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